Time to get serious…

For the past five years of my life since high school I have been trying to figure out what I really want to do in my life, something I could wake up and look forward to doing and like Sean Parker said in Social Network “A million dollars isn’t cool, you know what’s cool? A billion dollars” and that’s my mind frame. So I went through the usual a lawyer, doctor, running a day care, hair dresser, ugh! I didn’t want to pursue these things because I knew I would give up on it and something I really don’t want to do. I digged really inside myself and searched in something I am really good at… And I found it :-). So although I had a sucky childhood, luckily I learned something from my parents it was to be business minded and to be my own boss. As a child I never understood and now I do. I helped my parents put together their businesses and gained a lot I mean A LOT!

I could sit here and go into about all we done but that will be for another day but I have achieved a lot and know a lot, and that has been instilled in me at a very young age. I am starting a business and in order to be good business I’m starting this blog right here and hopefully have positive response. This blog is going to be about me and how I start my business, I want to be able to discuss anything on my blog and no one get their feelings hurt, I want to be able to tell what I am really thinking and feel about this process… I never done it alone and I have to vent somewhere! 😛 I will post polls ask questions to better serve my potential clients in different genres. And I am really going to ask what makes you spend your money… I hope you don’t mind. I will probably have a tab for my business blogs. I am not sure but I am not afraid of change. I am becoming engrossed in what I am learning and what the Internet can really do for you, if you look for it it’s out there. I am learning to do something for myself which I know will help my business and provide that for my future business clients. Now, I’m not going to make this blog about advertising my business I want to share my experience in what I’m going to be doing and how its going to help me with my business, benefit my clients to the degree and be an example. I am hoping to make a world premier near the end of April, I am in the process in moving and yea I could just jump right into what i want to do but its best for me to wait and get settled and devote my time to my craft for my prospect clients. I will personally tell you the goals I would like to reach, one: is to become a legit work from home program and two: find other people who have the same insight and passion, I want to offer one-on-one relationships and to accommodate my clients their business needs.

I sit on the computer all day anyway and on my Iphone (don’t worry I take care of my home too ;-P) so why not be paid for it? I have the time to sit down and drive a business needs. I recently sat down and discussed my business plan to other people who have started their own and of course my parents, and the feedback I got was positive. And if you guys are reading this I just want to make a public apology for calling to at 2am with new development ideas, so now can just read my blog (you know who you are). This can work I can do this! So, am I going to tell you my business Um… No. But, I do want you to follow I PROMISE you will gain from this even I’d you’re a follower or a future client. so in closure I challenge you to do three things, one: subscribe to my blog, two comment on what you think and three take the first poll and share… okay thats four.

Thanks for reading now signing off.

 Well it was just a dream
Just a moment ago
I was up so high
Looking down at the sky
Don’t let me fall



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