My name is Saare and I’m addict.

Just a few things I Wanna say before we go ahead and pack up for our move… First on my secret project, working on it I have a webinar on the 15th I am totally excited about it and also I am trying to finish up on a certificate, I’m trying to get it done before we move Saturday. Ugh so much to do!!! And so little time!!! I have been generating some good ideas and I totally can’t wait to flaunt them.

So as you followers know I am a Army wife and since umm well since we are all adults here, sexually deprived for y’all freedom I have taken plesures in other things like food, neato facts… Writing this blog lol is that weird? The reason I say this because I want to give you a lil known fact about me, I have a deep obsession with Facebook. When I get on the computer to do somthing my fingers automatically type the web address and it’s my home page. I pitched a fit for the iPhone so can constantly Facebook and now I want the car that can update your statuses. Someone asked me how can you or anyone sit there and do that all day??? Because Mark Zuckerberg made it too easy for me to do it, if you have issue with it call him and tell him about and leave me alone ;-).

So I have WordPress on my phone and I will try my bestes to write. Hopefully if everything works out I will start working on my empire. Thanks for reading!


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  1. Rachell Smith
    Mar 13, 2011 @ 13:25:15

    So excited for you! From someone working on her own empire I wish you success large and small :).


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